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November 2013: Judge Sides With Union on Strike Injunction

On November 19, 2013, Judge David Brown of the Sacramento County Superior Court sided with AFSCME Local 3299, affirming a Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) finding that AFSCME had made appropriate and sufficient plans to protect patients during the upcoming ULP Strike at 5 University of California medical centers. AFSCME had voluntarily exempted 49 critical care workers from the strike – a decision that both PERB and the Court upheld, despite attempts by medical center attorneys to obtain an injunction prohibiting many more workers from striking. This ruling echoed a similar ruling last May, when AFSCME first struck at the medical centers and the Court issued an order adopting AFSCME’s patient protection plan.

AFSCME Local 3299 is represented in this matter by Leonard Carder attorneys Ari Krantz, Jennifer Keating and Arthur Liou.


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