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March 2014: PERB and Superior Court Decline to Enjoin UC Hospital Workers From Striking

In a series of rulings culminating on March 21, 2014, PERB and the Superior Court of Sacramento County rejected repeated attempts by the University of California to prevent its hospital employees from striking. In all, the workers called a total of four strikes over the course of ten months (including economic strikes by two units and ULP strikes in November 2013 and March 2014), though two of the strikes were averted when UC management agreed to historic staffing protections. Leonard Carder attorneys established numerous important principles in these cases, including public hospital employees' right to strike and unions' right to strike separately over different issues. Following the end of the dispute, the Unions' attorneys presented a conference paper covering these topics.



San Francisco: (415) 771-6400 | Oakland: (510) 272-0169