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June 2007: $13.75 Million Settlement in Best Buy Litigation

On June 19, 2007, Leonard Carder partner Philip Monrad, as lead counsel for a class of 858 California Best Buy in-store Assistant Managers, secured final judicial approval of a $13,750,000 settlement of a long and hard-fought class action lawsuit against Best Buy Stores. Plaintiffs challenged Best Buy's treatment of in-store Assistant Managers as "exempt" from overtime requirements, allowing Best Buy to work these Assistant Managers at least 50-60 hours per week - and often more -- without paying them any overtime.

Leonard Carder filed this lawsuit in June of 2002, secured class certification in April of 2005, and settled the case in December of 2006 on the eve of a lengthy jury trial. The settlement resulted in an excellent resolution of this lawsuit. The average settlement share is $10,954; the highest settlement share is $37,245; and the 12 named plaintiff class representatives each received and additional $10,000 participation bonus for bringing the case and sticking with it for more than 5 years of intense litigation.

Equally important, after Leonard Carder filed this lawsuit, Best Buy revised the rules under which Assistant Managers work, allowing them to exercise more discretion and judgment consistent with their title as "managers." This excellent result demonstrates that when workers band together, they can secure justice and dignity in the workplace from huge multi-national corporations.


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