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Lynn Rossman Faris

Lynn Farris

Former union activist and organizer, Ms. Faris has been a labor and employment lawyer since 1980, representing diverse labor unions and individuals in all types of litigation, arbitration and administrative proceedings to vindicate workers’ legal rights. As the lead trial lawyer in the precedent setting case of Estrada v. FedEx Ground, after the trial and appellate victory resulting in a $27 million judgment for 200 FedEx Ground drivers, Ms. Faris became one of three lead counsel in the multi-district litigation (In Re FedEx Ground Package System, Inc. Employment Practices Litigation, MDL 1700), involving 63 cases in which 27,000 FedEx Ground drivers contend that they have been deprived of the rights due to employees because of the sham contract FedEx uses which misclassifies them as so-called “independent contractors.” As a nationally recognized expert in misclassification of independent contractors, she has lectured extensively to groups all over the country – from the ABA Labor & Employment Section to NELA to various management groups -- about the evils of misclassification. She has assisted state agencies, state attorney generals, as well as the IRS, in prosecuting companies who engage in sham independent contractor arrangements. She has prosecuted many other companies that misclassify their employees as independent contractors – from the nationwide giant UPS to the local Mitchell Brothers O’Farrell Theater.

She has specialized in litigation of numerous successful overtime class and collective actions on behalf of irrigation workers, public sector managers, bike messengers, police officers and construction workers. She has also litigated prevailing wage violations on behalf of groups of underpaid construction workers, and sex harassment cases, glass ceiling discrimination cases and wrongful termination cases.




San Francisco: (415) 771-6400 | Oakland: (510) 272-0169